Welcome to Alwasl National Debt Collection for Financing Entities

It is a leading debt collection agency based in Saudi Arabia.

Established in 2012, Alwasl has proven to be a leader in the debt collection sector due to its highly experienced competencies to reach the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.
At Alwasl, we specialize in providing exceptional solutions to help our clients collect outstanding funds efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.
Our Goals
At Alwasl, we are proud to provide different, exceptional and unique service with the latest methods, tools and technologies, in addition to our professional cadres that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers and the highest standards.
Our team is characterized by years of experience full of achievements and technical development in order to achieve the highest return in the local and global market while providing our customers with positive insights and recommendations on credit limits.
At Alwasl, our business is always characterized by absolute transparency, excellence in providing services and high professionalism with our clients. We are committed to upholding our values of good business and social responsibility.

Strategic and cultural orientation

At every step we take as team members of Alwasl, we work based on our mission, vision and values, and we urge all employees to act on this strategy.

Our Vision

To be the ideal choice for debt collection services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Goals

  • Providing distinguished collection services
  • Diversification of sources of collection
  • Enhance the satisfaction of interested parties
  • Boosting local market share
  • Improve Collection Performance

Our Message

We collect our customers' debts according to effective and innovative systems and to be the leading company in our field by providing high quality services and excellence in gaining our customers' satisfaction, meeting their needs and expectations, and achieving their complete satisfaction.