Company's Values

Reliable debt collection services for businesses and banks

Statistics show that after 90 days, you can lose about 10% per month on unpaid trading balances. By leveraging our debt collection services, you can reduce default rates and recover your outstanding debts more efficiently. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to deal with a range of commercial debts, including civil, criminal and commercial matters.

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Every business is unique, so we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Corporate Collection

    We offer customized debt recovery solutions for businesses as our customized approach ensures that each client's unique debt recovery needs are met by providing efficient services that ultimately save them time and money.

  • Early Collection

    We provide early debt collection services by following up on missed repayments and staying on top of outstanding debts by prioritizing immediate action, maintaining our clients' goals and preventing debt escalation into other problems.

  • Training and Development

    We provide intensive training programs for our employees to ensure their ability to deal with a variety of financial and legal scenarios. We believe in investing and developing our team to achieve optimal results for our clients.

  • Legal Debt Collection

    We prioritize the confidentiality and security of all information related to cases referred to us and protect them from unauthorized disclosure, and we seek to adopt security features in each new development to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data

  • Security and confidentiality

    We seek to adopt security features in each new development to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data.

  • Consulting

    Our initial consultation with clients is a vital step in designing services for each client according to their requirements in taking prompt and effective action to recover outstanding debts.

Information Technology & Security Systems

Your Trusted Partner

In today's digital business world, information technology, protection systems and cybersecurity are essential elements of any organization. At Al Wasl National Debt Collection Company, we consider cybersecurity and data protection to be of paramount importance, and we invest heavily in developing systems and protocols to ensure that our customers' data is kept safe.

At Al Wasl, we believe that the wise use of information technology and protection systems can provide us with the tools to provide the most effective and secure debt collection services.

We are committed to keeping our customers' data safe and secure, and we use technology to improve our services and provide superior, unique and differentiated debt collection solutions.